anerlisa and ben pol

He isn’t a ‘user’: Anerlisa defends boyfriend

The CEO to Nero Water company and heiress apparent to the Keroche Breweries Limited, Anerlisa Muigai, has defended her Tanzania boyfriend, Ben Pol against allegations that he is a gold-digger.

Ebitoke, the ex-girlfriend of Ben, had stated during an interview with EATV that Ben did not love Anerlisa as he claims to be, but rather, he loves the wealth that the Nero Water company CEO has.

In her Instagram account, in the ‘Ask me a question’ feature, one of her fans asked her why she loves Ben Pol, and the diva did not hesitate to list 6 reasons as to why she is in love with the Bongo singer.

Anerlisa Instagram response on why she loves Ben Pol

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“First he is very humble, loving, God fearing, he is not a user, he is not afraid to tell me the truth and I have had the best and craziest time with him also he doesn’t distract me from my work,” she summarized

Further, when asked if they will be walking down the aisle, she responded “Only God knows.”

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