Harmonize’s song UNO restored in YouTube

A week ago, Harmonize’s hit music Uno had been pulled down from YouTube after a complain from Kenyan producer Magix Enga that Harmonize had sampled out his beats from the song Dundaing

Today, Magix Enga took to his Instagram page again to state that growth of East Africa music is bigger than all of us, and for that reason he will withdraw his copyright case against Uno and it will be back in YouTube.

In his post he tagged Ngomma and Clemo of which it is known that Harmonize’s music is under Ngomma. It is believed that Clemo went to talk to Magix Enga on the same issue.

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Two hours later, in deed Uno had been reinstated and he took to his Instagram page to ask all his fans to say Uno

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Now you can listen to your favourite Uno again



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