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Hamisa’s mother is bogus, zero brains – Mange Kimambi claims

Mange Kimambi, one of Hamisa Mobeto’s best friends and defender has seemingly turned her back on her.

This emanates from an earlier story we had covered where Hamisa had admitted to being with Tahiya’s boyfriend.

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It is from this admission that Mange came out all blazing and pointing fingers at Hamisa’s mother. Through her Instagram account, she categorically stated that Hamisa’s mother is misguiding and misadvising her. And now she even understands why Diamond Platnumz could not stomach her.

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In part, she said “Leo natoa la rohoni. Hakuna mtu mbovu kwa Hamisa kama mamake. Mamake Hamisa ni bogus zero brains, na nimeelewa why Diamond alimchumba that time.”

According to Mange, the blame isn’t on Hamisa but rather her mother. She claims that her mother isn’t playing a mother’s role but rather a friend’s role and hence Hamisa lacks a mentor.

As if that wasn’t enough, she made a follow up post to rub further salt on the insult.

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