governor ali roba

Governor Ali Roba a wanted man over corruption allegations

Inspector General of police has been asked by a Nairobi court to present Mandera Governor Ali Roba and three other county officials in court on Wednesday over corruption allegation.

A Mandera resident had successfully presented a corruption allegation case on the same matter.

The petitioner had sited several instances that county funds had been misappropriated. An example was issued of a case that the county government got into an agreement with Red Cross E-Plus Limited to provide ambulances to the county at a fee believed to be Ksh 600,000 per month per ambulance.


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It is also alleged that the county bought an armoured vehicle for the governor worth Ksh 16.9 million.

The petitioner thus prayed with the court to take action upon the Governor and all other officials that will be found guilty of misappropriation of the county funds.



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