Government destroys condoms worthy KSH 10 million

Government has destroyed condoms worthy ksh 10 million for being unsafe for use.

The Pharmacy and Poisons board on Friday destroyed a batch of fiesta condoms for failing the quality test.

The board said that it was forced to recall the consignment for destruction for failing to meet the set standards according to the law.

“The recall of the affected batches of the fiesta condoms was concluded on 11th March, 2019 upon which @ppbkenya directed the market authorization holder to carry out destruction of the recalled consignment under PPB supervision.” said the Board.

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It was revealed that the destroyed condoms from Deep Kumar Tyagi Healthcare International were worthy KSH 10 millions.

Kenyans were also urged to be vigilant against fake products and report any incidence for action.

“Members of the public, health workers, health establishments including chemists & pharmacies are advised to be vigilant & report any suspected poor quality medicines & suspected drug reactions.” said the poison board


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