Gospel artiste apologizes to Bahati

Kenyan gospel artiste Weezdom on Thursday, apologized to Kevin Bahati after falling out few years ago.

The upcoming star through his social media account, he said pride that came with fame that made him cross shoulders with his former boss.

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Weezdom who was once signed at Bahati’s recording EMB apologized for of talking ill of the person who introduced and helped him get recognized in the music industry.

He also revealed that Bahati had forgiven him and he was willing to get back to EMB Records.

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Weezdom apologizes

“Enyewe wasee I’ve been offline nikijifikiria sana na ata after @bahatikenya kunisamehea kuna vitu sijaweza mwambia Coz somehow I’m guilty. Lakini kuna vitu hazifichiki eg. Kama venye kenya yote imewitness akitoa #PeterBlessing from kazi ya security guard akajitolea akaenda hadi kwao home Taita Taveta na suddenly ndio huyu kijana amekuwa an overnight superstar #muchrespect.” Posted the gospel artiste.

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EMB Return

Weezdom took the opportunity to request audience with the EMB boss who is in Eldoret. He showed his willingness to get back home where he was raised from grass to grace.

“And Now as a #ProdigalSon I request to come back home. Juu ata tukijifanya tuko poa kwa hii social media na akina wonder na seed. Things are not okey juu enyewe kuna blessing tulihata juu ya kufight ule mtu God alitumia kutuinua tukiwa chini. I’ll be waiting for you ukitoka show yako Eldoret tuongee face to face. To @PeterBlessingMusicits your time! My Prayer is may God lift you and as He lifts you Stay humble,” he added.



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