Gikomba market misfortunes from fire to demolitions

Gikomba Market traders have been losing millions of money as a result of the mysterious fire that has been reported in the area.

Despite the booming business, traders can never predict when the famous Gikomba fire will raze down their investments. What makes the matter complicated is that the inferno is always reported at night.

The cause of the fire kee baffling many, whether its an accident or is deliberately set up by unknown people. Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho when he visited the market after another fire was reported at the market he hinted that the fire could be intentional.

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The powerful PS said private developers seeking to grab the public land for private use could be behind the fire.

“We in government do not believe these fires are natural. We believe that there are some people who think that by displacing the business people here they will have an opportunity to develop this land on selfish grounds,” said Kibicho.

Gikomba Market Demolition

Gikomba traders’ misfortunes seem to be shifting from fire attacks to demolitions of their stalls. The destruction of their premises is believed to be carried out by a government that is supposed to protect them.

According to sources, the demolition was conducted under heavy police presence. Its said the demolition is meant to pave the way for road construction in the area.

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Two weeks ago area MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar was arrested while protesting the demolition of stalls at the market. Jaguar accused the government of having a hand in the inferno and demolitions.

“I ask for an immediate halt to this exercise. NYS recruits should go home. Any security officer present in Gikomba should be there to guard the reconstructed stalls and other properties owned by traders. The govt exists to protect property. It should not oversee its destruction.” he stated.



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