Genge artiste Mejja introduces new bae months after being dumped

Genge music sensation Khadhija Meme alia Mejja has confirmed having moved on months after his 5-year wife dumbed him via SMS.

Mejja took to his Instagram account to share a photo of his new bae.

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About a year ago, Mejja opened up on having contapulated suicide when his wife of 5-years left with their child.

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In July 2018, via an interview at Radio Jambo, Mejja stated that he had not had any disagreement with his then wife, however she opted to pack and leave with the child then later informed him of the breakup via a text message.

We were in good terms and had been together for 5 years. All of a sudden when I went to sign a contract I got a text asking me if I had arrived safely and I said I did. Then the next thing I got a text telling me to move on with my life. I thought the text was meant for someone else and she had mistakenly sent it to me. Suicide is a thought that crosses your mind, I can’t deny that. You feel suicidal because you look at other people’s happy lives and you feel that there is something wrong with your life. It crossed my mind but there was a friend of mine who would come and we would hang out and when the suicidal thoughts crossed my mind we would start talking about stuff like football so he kept me busy and away from my thoughts. But the problem was at night because the negative thoughts would creep in when you are alone. I rarely slept at night,” said Mejja

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The Genge guru must now be happy having found another woman who loves him.



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