Fraudsters now using Raila name in Uganda fake gold deal

Details have now emerged that cons in Uganda are using the name of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s name in their scandalous business.

The dirty business is linked to the self declared South Sudan billionaire Lawrence Malong Lual Yor.

The fraudsters are said to have conned a man of Ethiopia nationality approximately KSH 200 million in a fake gold business.

Daily Monitor has reported that the group of con introduces themselves as relatives of ODM leader.According to Daily Monitor Making introduced the businessman to someone known as Owino,who was to help him ferry gold from Uganda to Kenya.

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When the deal backfired “Owino” said that he is the relative of Raila Odinga and he is busy campaigning for him.

“But when they contacted ‘Owino’, the 2017 election campaigns were at their peak. Owino claimed to be related to Raila Odinga, who was running for president, and that he was too involved in his campaign to spare time to come to Uganda,” posted Daily Monitor.


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