Mary Kilobi and Francis Atwoli

Francis Atwoli opens up on his 3rd wife

COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has revealed how he introduced his youngest wife to his children and got them to respect her.

He has revealed he summoned all his children and told them Mary Kilobi is their youngest mother and thus should be respected as such.

According to Atwoli, dialogue is key is promoting unity and cohesion. He says that he has developed a culture where his entire family has to listen to him as the head. However, he pointed out that they still have the right to raise their opinion.

“Even in my house, I have several wives and all of them together with my children listen to me,” Atwoli said.

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After picking on Mary Kilobi as his third wife, he assembled all his children together to inform them and get their opinion.

“When I recently got married, I assembled all of them under the chairmanship of Lukoye Atwoli and told them to advise me. I told them here is your mother tell me what you think,” he said.

He says that after a long silence, his children eventually approved of his decision. Their concern was for his well being.

Atwoli’s move to marry a third wife did not go down well with his second wife. The second wife raised complains of having been neglected.



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