Former MCA arrested over kidnapping allegations

Former nominated Embu MCA Teresia Njeri was today arrested for kidnapping a 22-year-old man and holding him hostage.

Ms. Njeri together with Juliet Waithera and Bernard Kariithi, are accused of abducting the victim at Makutano Trading Center in Kirinyaga County.

The ex-MCA was taken to Makutano Police Station but was later released on KSH 10,000 pending to be charged in court.

Njeri disputed the kidnapping allegations saying that they rescued the man from a mob and hosted him at her house.

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“When we rescued the man, we made sure he was safe, later I rang his father who lives at Igembe in Meru and asked him to pick up his son at my house,” Njeri said.

She revealed that things changed when father of the victim came to pick the son. Njeri said that the father was accompanied with police officers who opted to shoot injuring two people.

“At around 4 am, his father called and informed me that he had arrived at the village. I then sent out four people among them my daughter to meet him at the nearby road but surprisingly he was accompanied by police officers,” she added.



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