Fire KRA Boss Ahmednasir tells President Kenyatta

Senior Council Ahmednasir Abdullahi has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to fire Kenya Revenue Authority boss John Njiraini over grafts claim. 

Grand Mullah through his Twitter account challenged the president to fire the KRA boss over his links to corruption allegations.

“H.E UHURU can confirm in minutes whether the allegations that KRA boss owns offshore companies are true or false and if confirmed in the affirmative  fire Njiraini by 4 PM today, ” posted Ahmed.

 The flamboyant lawyer challenged the president to keep off the war on graft if he cannot take action against corruption. 

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” if not he should shut up for good about corruption in HIS government,” he added. 

Njiraini has been accused of abuse of office and also used public resources to acquire a majority stake in a décor firm.



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