Fena Gitu: I hold first class honors from USIU

Kenyan rapper Fena Gitu has opened up about her academic qualifications that has left many perturbed.

Speaking during an Interview with Betty Kyalo on, Fena revealed her exemplary performance both in campus and high school.

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Fena’s Education

Fena an alumni of Precious Girls Riruta scored A- before joining USIU for her undergraduate studies. She graduated with first class honors in International Relations and Psychology as a minor.

“Nilipata A- but hadi leo niko na uchungu sikupata A.” She posed.

The Sema Ngw’ee hit maker disclosed that her dream job was an Astronist but she could not make it because she was poor in sciences.

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When Betty tried to esquire about her sexuality, Fena downplay the issue saying its no one business.

“For my sexuality is no ones business, when people are always on your in blogs and stuffs is no one business on what you do in your home” said Fena.



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