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Federal Republic of Somali responds to Kenya

The government of the Federal Republic of Kenya has finally responded to the government of Kenya.

There are allegations that the government of Somali had auctioned oil and gas blocs that belong to Kenya, that are located in the maritime territory that is being disputed between Somali and Kenya.

The said allegation led to the government of Kenya expelling Somali’s ambassador while recalling Kenya’s ambassador who was based in Mogadishu.

After a high end meeting held in Mogadishu and attended by both the President and Prime Minister of Somali, among other top government officials, the below statement was released.

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“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation of the Federal Republic of Somalia (the “Government of Somalia”) presents its compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya (the “Government of Kenya”) and has the honour to respond to the latter’s Note Verbale dated 8 February 2019 (MFA.REL.13/21) protesting certain maps depicting Somalia’s maritime zones that were presented at a recent Somalia Oil and Gas Conference held on February 7, 2019 in London, United Kingdom.

We note that the Government of Kenya has characterized these maps as “illegal”. The maps in question depict Somalia’s claimed maritime zones and are entirely consistent with Somalia’s long-standing position, including its claim in the maritime delimitation case with Kenya currently before the International Court of Justice (iJ), This long-standing position reflects the Government of Somalia’s duty to protect its sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity and unity.

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In addition, the Government of Somalia regrets the recent statements made by the Government of Kenya alleging that the Government of Somalia is “proferring to bid” any blocks in Kenya’s potential maritime zones to external bidders, Somalia is not now offering, nor does it have any plans to offer, any blocks in the disputed maritime area until the Parties’ maritime boundary is decided by the IC). in this respect, the Government of Somalia wishes to reassure the Government of Kenya that it stands by its commitment not to undertake any unilateral activities in the disputed area until such time as the ICJ renders its judgment. Somalia also wishes to reassure Kenya that when the ICJ does render its judgment, Somalia will fully respect and comply therewith,

Finally, the Government of Somalia also regrets the Government of Kenya’s decision to instruct the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia to depart Kenya without prior consultation with the Government of Somalia.”


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