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Facts on the crashed Ethiopian Airlines boeing

Ethiopian Airlines CEO deeply regretted the fatal accident involved on ET302 on a schedule flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi that consumed the lives of all on board, believed to be 157 people

Boeing, the manufacturers of the plane, also released a statement on the same, stating that they are deeply saddened by the accident and that they are dispatching their technical team to the site to help in investigations.

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We have compiled a few facts on the crashed plane:

  • The plane left Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa 8:38am and the pilot communicated to the radar after 2 minutes of a problem. 4 minutes later (6 minutes after take-off), the plane lost contact.
  • The plane had 157 people on board: 149 being passengers and 8 crew members.
  • The CEO of Ethiopians Airlines has confirmed that all 157 aboard the flight have died.
  • This make of the plane, Boeing 737-800 MAX, is quite a new brand. Its first flight took place on 29th January 2016 but had to wait till May 2017 for initial commercial use. Malindo Air was the fast airline to acquire it.
  • Ethiopian Airlines acquired this Boeing 737-800 MAX make in July 2018
  • Five months ago, Lion Air flight crashed into the sea in Indonesia with 190 people on board. The plane was of the same make as the current Ethiopian Airlines ET302.
  • The pilot of the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines plane was an Ethiopian-born Kenyan national who has been described as having lots of flying experience.
  • Individuals from 33 different countries have been affected in the crash.
  • 32 Kenyans have lost their lives in the crash. Click here for details of all the 32 Kenyans.

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