Facts on Sugarmmumies in Nairobi

Kenyans youths with big appetite of getting rich overnight have fallen trap of fake dating website, app or Facebook page which promises to link them with rich women at a fee.

Hard economic times in the country have forced young men to think of alternative ways to make quick money something that has exposed them to con groups.

The truth about sugarmummies is that there are zero chances that you will meet one dating sites,Facebook groups or night clubs you are advised to hang around.

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Sponsors in Kenya is something that is taking shape, unlike sugar mummies that the community still views as a taboo. For this reason, no woman is likely to go publicly looking for sex at a fee.

It is high time young men focus on something different to make money than lose money to conmen who promise to link them with rich women who are sexually starved.

I was reading an article on where to find rich women and surprisingly the list entails high-end clubs in Nairobi.

 If you are not financially stable you can’t afford drinks at these clubs per night leave alone a weekend.

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Today if you google where to find rich women in Nairobi you will be directed to pages where other men are asking the same question.

It is said success is not sexually transmitted, men, let’s work hard as we wait for the best opportunity in life.   



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