Ezekiel Mutua and comedian Mulamwah engage in a fierce exchange of words

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and comedian Kendrick Mulamwah were on Tuesday involved in a bitter exchange of words.

It all started when Mulamwah through his Twitter account called out the KFCB boss for not keeping his promises.

Dr. Mutua had promised to offer the comedian mentorship and a job back in 2020. This was after Mulamwah threatened to quit comedy after facing cyberbullying.

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A year later, Dr. Mutua was yet to fulfill his promise something that forced Mulamwah to inquire about.

“Hello sir, it’s almost a year since your promise, did you mean it or you were just tweeting for the moment, or am I “inaccessible”?. If the GVT cannot help us as youths, then please don’t instill false hope in us, it’s better you leave us to suffer in peace.” Tweeted Mulamwah.

KFCB boss in his response accused the comedian of running and promoting unclean content hence unfit for the job.

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“Bro, my little token of support was personal, not Govt. Sorry if it gave you a false sense of entitlement. We did a background check on you and U didn’t fit the “Clean Content Ambassadors” bill. We do not support filth & bad manners. Content does not have to be dirty to sell!” replied Mutua.

It did not end there as Mulamwa called out Dr. Mutua as an opportunist who takes advantage of people when they are in their lowest moments.

” You are a great opportunist, we await you on your next victim.” Added the comedian.



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