EX Mother-in-Law actress, Olive, talks of an abusive relationship and why she divorced her husband

Idah Alisha, popularly known as Olive, the former Mother-in-law actress has opened up on her experience with abusive relationships.

She talked of having an alcoholic and abusive father. In her YouTube channel, she narrates how addicted her dad was that he could not function without drinking.

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She then said that the best thing her mother did to them was choosing to pack her belongings and leaving the relationship.

Dating an abusive man

Years on, Olive narrates of how she met a man she fell in love with only for him to end up being abusive, just like her father.

“I met this guy, he was a prince charming. If anyone had told me anything else about him, I would have told them off. I have told this story to a few people. My friends told me I was in a relationship with a narcissist, but, being in love, you don’t want to hear anything negative, ” she said.

She continued to elaborate, “The first time he slapped me I was like, wait a minute, it must be this mouth, I must have said something reckless that made him angry. We make excuses, we are like he doesn’t hurt like that. He said sorry and we moved on. Of course, I didn’t tell anybody, and, me being in the limelight, of course, I wasn’t going to tell anybody. But that is the thing I am trying to talk about now.”

Olive states that her then husband took full control of her including her own finances, her dress code, et al.

One day, she says, after coming home with her girlfriends after an outing, her husband was so annoyed with her and attacked her in-front of her friends.

At this point, she decided it was time to move out.

“I walked out like I was walking going to work and I never came back since.”

Olive is urging women in abusive relationships not to be shy to walk-out: “People will talk regardless, the most important person is you,.”



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