Esther Passaris confesses putting daughter,16, on birth control

Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris, led to a heated debate yesterday when she admitted having put her 16 year old daughter on birth control.

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This was during a discussion of Citizen TV’s show Daybreak as panelists were discussing the High Court’s ruling on abortion.

Esther Passaris stated that she “knew her daughter’s friends would persuade her to try engaging in sex, and as a result, she risked getting an unwanted pregnancy”.

The High Court had ruled that abortion remains illegal and can only be induced if the mother’s life is endangered or if she stands to suffer emotional trauma resulting from the pregnancy.

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The Women Representative in her take urged that parents should try to help their daughters avoid unwanted pregnancies instead of wait to deal with them.

Her [Passaris’ daughter’s] friends are already having sex. [With me], I engaged in sex at a much later age [compared to hers]. [Actually], my mother did not know when I became sexually active. [Looking at that experience, where my mother did not know about my sexual activity], I felt it was important that I take my daughter to a gynecologist to put her on the [contraceptive] pill,” said Esther Passaris.

Parents should be realistic [that these girls get sexually active at a young age]. So, by putting my daughter on birth control, I made sure that she wouldn’t have to abort in a bid to control the number of children she would have,” she added.

Her sentiments led to headed debate online with Kenyans giving varied reactions:

The daughter is now 23-years old.


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