Embracing Intersex society in Kenya

Intersex is the third gender in Kenya after being recognized in the 2019 Census that showed we have over 1500 Intersex people in the country.

Kenya made history by becoming the first country in Africa to include intersex people in its national census. However, confusion still exist since the constitution does not recognize Intersex as a separate gender.

Intersex is a person who is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of “female” or “male.The inclusion of the third gender in the National census was to act as an eye opener that we have this kind of people in the society.

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Intersex Stigma

However, they still faces discrimination and stigmatization from different quarters in the society. This is because still views such situations as a curse or disorder.

Intersex advocate James Karanja

Despite civil society and advocacy groups sensitizing members of the public about the existence of the third gender, the society especially in rural areas is fully to embrace them.

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This community also faces challenges to when accessing government documents. Proper documentation is a great challenge to this group as their document at times vary.

Poverty and lack of knowledge has been attributed to improper documentation. There is akaryotype test that is carried out to determine a child’s dominant sex chromosomes. However lack of knowledge about the test or finances to fund the test, children are labeled as male or female.



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