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DusitD2 Terror attack might be an inside job – Police suspect

Investigators gathering evidence to the Tuesday terror attack at 14 Riverside have put together information that is pointing at some level of it being an inside job.

A police officer who spoke on grounds of anonymity to the Star newspaper stated that the terrorists had stocked the grenades and explosives in one of the hotel rooms. The room is also said to have been bullet proof.

“It took us very long to break into the room because the armored door was very difficult to break. When we finally did, the commander, who was the last person to be killed, had so many grenades and rounds of ammunition in the room,” the officer stated.

Furthermore, some of the weapons were found wrapped up in the hotel’s laundry.

“We suspect an inside job considering these people had been frequenting the place as they schemed the attack,” continued the officer.

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A few staff members of the hotel have admitted having seen and served the terrorists at the hotel on days prior to the attack.

DPP Noordin Haji has set out a team of prosecutors to help in unravelling the truth behind the attack.

“I am satisfied that there is probable cause to continue with investigations against all the suspects. The investigations into this matter are complex and transnational and would therefore require sufficient time and resources to uncover the entire criminal syndicate,” he said.

So far, 5 suspects are being held in connection to the attack and will help investigators as they work to find the nitty-gritty of the event.



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