Drama as Court session is held inside police vehicle

A court session in Nakuru turned dramatic after Simon Sigei refused to alight from the police vehicle.

Mr. Sigei, who is charged with robbery and murder refused to get out of the vehicle forcing Magistrate Faith Munyi to move court hearings to the vehicle.

Daniel Gichuhi an investigator told court that they were forced to carry the suspect into the car after he also refused to board.

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Mr. Gichuhi also noted that suspect had not uttered any word nor eaten since he was arrested, hence complicating the case.

“The suspect has not responded to any of our questions or any conversation, all he has been doing is just sleeping,” Officer Gichuki disclosed.

Mr Sigei is a accused of the murdering Peter Bore and his daughter Judy Chepkorir on February 12, 2019.


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