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DP William Ruto proposes Presidential election runner-up to be MP

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, during his lecture at the Chatham House, proposed that the runner-up in the Presidential elections should become a Member of Parliament (MP).

This he looks at it as a spirit of inclusivity to prevent the synonymous post election violence that we have been experiencing in the country.

Further he suggested that the Senate should be made the upper house so as to do away with the current conflicting interests between the Senate and National Assembly.

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“Elections in Kenya are close-run contest. Often enough, the winner and runner-up achieve more than five million votes. The winner ascends to a formally constituted leadership role while the runner-up becomes a virtual stranger in leadership,” he said.

Furthermore he proposes that the same formular to be applied at the county level with the runner-up at the gubernatorial election assuming the role of official opposition at County Assembly.

Moreover he is of the opinion that Deputy President should be the leader of Goverment Business in parliament.

DP Ruto linked post election violence to individuals who don’t accept defeat at the ballot then place the blame on IEBC.

When asked on his response to former Jubilee part Vice Chair, David Murathe’s sentiments, DP Ruto said he won’t respond to him.



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