DP Ruto cracks the whip on tenders

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has cracked the whip on tenders, directing all government agencies to publish tenders online and the beneficiaries of the same tenders thereafter.

Ruto was speaking at Open Governance Partnership forum, where he instructed Treasury to submit the list of government agencies that will defy the instructions.

He said that agencies that won’t comply risk sanctions such as freezing or cutting down on their budget allocations.

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“You need to disclose who is doing business with the government to the public for the purposes of accountability. It was not a request but a demand that all public bodies publish the details. Those that are yet to comply are the ones holding us back in the war against corruption,” the DP said.

Treasury CS Henry Rotich added that, automation of the process will cut off corruption dealings.

“If we automate procurement, all these stories about corruption will disappear. This is the way to go,” Mr. Rotich said.​

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The online portal was established in July 2018, but many government agencies have been failing to use it.



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