DK Kwenye Beat mocks the girl he sexually exploited

DK Kwenye Beat had issued an apology both on his own online account and also in an interview with Size 8, however, things have gone further south for the gospel artist.

An audio video has leaked of the artist mocking the lady and showing no remorse at all.

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He is bragging as “We will sort it out kinyumbani.” Referring to the Instagram DM that have been going round online.

The gospel artist adds salt to the insult by saying that he will release a rap song of the same saga. At this point, he sounds to be laughing at the entire thing.

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Then angrily, he tells his friends, “She is not a kid. If indeed I did it, where is the evidence? If she kills herself it is on Xtian Dela’s head for leaking everything.”

He then brags saying “Nilimpiga miti.”

Size 8 had come out to defend the two artistes (DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid), in a story we had covered here.

This case is simply getting more and more intertwined.


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