DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid come out to confess

Gospel artists DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid have found themselves trending this week, and unlike Bahati who got trending for his new song, Nyota, the two have been trending for all the bad news.

The two have been trending for hedonism. There have been wild, crazy, terrible and pathetic allegations against them from a lady who has identified herself as a 20 year old based in Nakuru.

The lady, based on her account of the story, had contacted HopeKid with the intention of being considered as his video vixen ended up being sexually mishandled by the two gospel artists.

As if that is not enough, the lady alleges that DK Kwenye Beat ended up infecting her with STI.

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The two have been silent since the accusations began, but as if they have coordinated themselves, they have both come out to issue an apology. Their responses is full gospel diction.

DK Kwenye Beat apologized as below:

“Following the story going around, I would like first and foremost to repent to God Almighty for living a life of sin. Secondly I would wish to apologize to my girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive to me especially during this difficult season. I would also wish to apologize to the church fraternity, my family, everyone who consumes my music and anyone who looks up to me Am Sorry.

“I am not a perfect man. I am a fallen man but one that God is working on every day. I am a changed man from what I was back then. I am working my salvation with fear and trembling. Sadly this story has come out when I am on my way to complete reformation.

“My prayer is that one day my ugly past will amount to an amazing testimony of God’s grace and redeeming power! For now, I am walking with Godly counsel as I seek to become the true man and minister of the gospel that God created me to be.”

HopeKid apologized as below:

Hopekid’s apology for the ongoing allegation of hedonism

A lot is left to be desired from this case. There are so many question marks and the reputation of gospel artists getting tarnished. Will these apologies change the mindset already created?