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Dennis Okari proposes to new girlfriend

After his breakup from Betty Kyalo, NTV Presenter Dennis Okari has finally found his missing rib.

On Saturday night, at Eka Hotel, Dennis Okari went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. The lady is known as Naomi Joy.

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“What I am going to say is not scripted or rehearsed but it is coming from the bottom of my heart. I have no written speech. I never planned for this but what I know is that this day was ordained by God to be around these lovely people.” Okari said

He went on to say “The answer that I will get today will be etched in my memories for as long as I live. I will love you with all the wisdom that God will give me and not just to love you but also to love Him as well and to serve His people.

I can’t wait to do life with you, and I can’t wait to start the journey if only I get the answer that I am expecting. So before all these lovely people, family, friends and our parents here. This ring is just a symbol of my commitments to the covenant that we are going to make in one of these fine days. So I want to ask you, Naomi Joy, with everything that I have and everything that I am will you marry me?”

Joy gave her answer “Yes”

Okari broke up with Betty Kyalo on what is rumored to have been caused by an alleged affair.

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