Lisa Gaitho

Controversial Lisa Gaitho opens up

To any fashionista, the name Lisa Gaitho is no stranger. Anyone who needs introduction to that name, then here you have it.

She is the blogger who once asked women to wash their men so as to getter better treatment and money from them.

A week ago, she took to her Instagram account and stated that she is about to share something so important regarding her life and she is willing to open up to everyone.

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Fast forward and into this day. The lady has taken the courageous step to reveal what she has been bearing and in deed, it was worth the wait. In a youtube vlog, she went ahead to open up on her life and here are a few things we could pick out:

End of her relationship

Lisa Gaitho has announced her breakup from her Nigerian boyfriend. She had been dating the man for sometime now, and she once advised ladies that if they need better treatment from their men, they should be willing to wash their men each day. The lady was living in a hotel in Nigeria, while they boyfriend was working in the USA. However, as we speak, the lady is back in Nairobi after the breakup.

Breaking her virginity

Lisa further took us all, including her twin sister, Anita Gaitho, by surprise. She stated that she broke her virginity at the age of 14-15 years old. She even stated that in the past, her relationship has always been founded on sex.

Converting to Islam

The controversial blogger confessed that she was once dating a man who started moving with other ladies, most of them being muslim ladies, and since she loved him so much and didn’t want to lose him, she decided to convert to being an islam so as to keep the man.

Dated a freemason

As if converting to Islam was not enough, the lady, in yet another relationship with an American guy who even came down to Kenyan for her and together they toured various countries, the guy was a freemason member. Yes, you read it right. And she confessed that the guy made him believe that there is no God, and the Bible is just a lie written up by humans.


Also, during her dating time with one of the several men she has dated, upon getting pregnant yet she was not ready for the same, she opted to abort the pregnancy.

Getting pregnant for the latest Nigerian boyfriend

Eventually, Lisa Gaitho, opted to settle down with this latest Nigerian boyfriend she had just before the breakup. As such, she tried getting pregnant for him but it did not materialize. Upon seeking medical advise, she was informed that her tubes are blocked and that is why she can’t get pregnant.

Now Lisa says that she is single and getting into celibate as she moves forward with her life.



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