City pastor brags he is too rich to depend on offering

Controversial city pastor James Ng’ang’a , has described himself as a rich man of God who doesn’t survive on church offering.

Speaking to a local radio station, the Neno Evangelism pastor, revealed how he made his millions. He said he was a prominent businessman before he started preaching.

“One thing you should know is that I am a very rich pastor. I had many shops before starting my ministry which I gave away,”

“I have over 50,000 pieces of onion as we speak, how then would one say that I am dependent on offerings?” posed Nga’ang’a.

Pastor Ng’ang’a

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The Televangelist noted he has helping the needy in the society, through distribution of food stuffs.

“If this was the case, how then would I be able to donate 560 gunny bags filled with food items?” he posed.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a is known for his lavish lifestyle from the cars he drives to his sense of fashion.

Ng’ang’a was quoted in 2019 bragging to be the most blessed pastor in the city. He told his congregation he has the ability to buy vehicles and exchange them like pairs of shoes.



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