Churches reluctant to open worship places

Churches seem not to be in a hurry to open worship places after the government lifted the ban on the closure of churches to counter the spread of corona.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his address to the Nation on Monday directed reopening of worship places that will see only 100 congregants allowed into the sanctuaries among other health protocols.

“In line with the guidelines issued by the Inter-Faith Council, only a maximum of one hundred (100) participants will be allowed at each worship ceremony and not more than one hour. Sunday Schools and Madrassas shall remain suspended until further notice, and in-person worship shall not include congregants under the age of thirteen (13) years or above the age of 58 years or persons with underlying conditions,” noted the president.

Covid at Churches

However, with an increased number of Covid-19 cases being reported in the country some churches are reluctant to open the place of worship. These churches opine that opening places of worship might expose the congregants to the virus.

Christ is the Answer Ministries(CITAM) in a memo to the members of the congregation, the church says it shall remain closed for an unknown period of time.

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“All CITAM assemblies will remain closed until further notice. We will however continue our common ministries on CITAM broadcast services on Hope TV, Hope FM and CITAM Church online platform.” read the statement in part.

Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi has said it will continue with the virtual services despite the government directive.

Ambrose Nyangao a senior pastor at the church in a statement explained that the government directive to limit number of worshipers to 100 per and barring those below the age of 13 and those above 58 from attending church services. He said majority of their congregants had young families hence locking them out.

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“We are therefore concerned that the wholesome family fellowship which we greatly value will be affected if we reopen under the current guidelines. Consequently, we shall not have physical gatherings taking place and wish to continue airing our online services,” he stated.



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