Chipukeezy builds a school in his village

Comedian Vincent Muasya popularly known as Chipukeezy has build and equipped a primary school in his village.

Chipukeezy who is also a Board member of NACADA, made the revelation through numerous post on his Instagram page.

Chipukeezy big heart

They say charity begins at home and Chipukeezy is the master of this saying going by his social media post. He said he built the school so that his people can get the best education.

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The comedian through the initiative encourages the locals to take their kids to school so that they can enjoy the fruits of education.

“I have built a school in my village, to encourage my people to take their kids to school. Kwa sababu masomo ni muhimu sana kwa wale hawana school fees wanaleta watoto kwa hio shule yetu.” He posted.



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