CAF bans FKF CEO from conducting football activities

Confederation of African Football (CAF) has handed FKF CEO Barry Otieno a six months ban for alleged misconduct during Comoros vs Harambee Stars match.

CAF has found Mr. Otieno guilty of tearing PCR tests report for Covid-19 belonging to Harambee Stars players.

According to CAF’s statement, Harambee stars management objected to Covid-19 tests to be done on their players, something that delayed down the whole process. However, the tests were done but when the results were being handed to the team Barry grabbed the copies and tore them into pieces.

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As a result, no player was able to access his test results. This led to four players who had tested positive for the virus playing the match while risking the lives of their colleagues.

CAF Statement

“On the day of the match the General Secretary of the Comoros Football Federation came in early to take their PCR tests, and he was met with refusal from the Kenyan national team’s management, they delayed the process for three hours until they finally gave in,”

“The test results arrived just a few minutes before kick-off, during warm-up, due to the said delay. The Commissioner did not get the chance to check the results himself as Barry Otieno, the General Secretary of the Football Kenya Federation, and Ronny Oyando, the Kenyan team manager disputed the results as soon as they have become aware of them and snatched them from his hands and tore them apart.

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“According to the PCR tests copies that were acquired after the match, four players have all tested positive before the match yet took part in the game and risked the contamination of the opposing team as well as their fellow teammates and all officials that were involved in match 94 of the Total African Cup of Nations Qualifiers.” Read the statement in part.

Harambee Stars team manager Ronny Oyando is also facing the same ban.



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