The late Marcus Rodriguez a boy friend to KU student is not an Australian, Embassy says

Esylovians Meli a third year student at Kenyatta University had alleged that his foreign boyfriend who was killed during the Dusit terror attack was an Australian, claims that the embassy has now refuted.

Australian High Commissioner to Kenya has issued a contrary information to that of Meli saying that none of its citizen was killed during the Dusit attack.

“The Australian High Commission in Nairobi has confirmed that an individual reported by some media as an Australian victim of the attack on the DusitD2 Hotel complex was not an Australian citizen,” read the statement.

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Esylovians while speaking to a local daily at Chiromo mortuary a day after the attack, she said that her boyfriend Marcus Rodriguez  was of Australian nationality and had landed in the country few hours before he met his death.

She also said that her boyfriend had preferred booking a hotel in Karen but sghe pushed Mr. Rodriguez to have a hotel within CBD for convenience purposes.

“I regret making him change his mind. He could be alive now if I had not put my foot down on having him stay at dusitD2,” Ms Meli told The Standard.

Ms Meli speaking to a journalist at Chiromo mortuary

The contradicting statement leaves Kenyans on the cross roads on whether it is Mr. Rodriguez who lied to his lover about his nationality or it is Ms Meli who did not tell the truth about her boyfriend’s nationality.




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