Billions of money lying in River Road

River road street in the downtown of Nairobi city is perceived to be one of the most unsafe place in the central business district.

The famous street is known for all illegal activities in the city including robbery, pick pocketing, prostitution and many more evil acts. Whenever most of us hear about River Road, counterfeits hits our mind.

However, despite all the criminal activities associated with River Road there are many business opportunities worth of billions located along the street. Amazingly its this street that feeds shops along Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya street with stock.

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The most popular business in downtown that brings in billions of money includes spares parts shops, cosmetics, wine and spirits shops, brothels just to mention a few.

Peter Kamau a businessman says majority of people who own business along River Road are millionaires. Mr. Kamau attributes this to 24 hours business that take place there.

He admits that there are looming business in the area despite the negative name the street has. Mr. Kamau says most of the businessmen uptown shop their commodities downtown at cheap price before doubling price in their premises.

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Jane Njeri who owns a cosmetic shop along River Road says the main challenge they face is people fear shopping downtown. She says people turn away from their shop with a perception that they sell fake commodities.



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