Avril explains why she snubbed Naiboi

Naiboi showed his disappointment at Avril, Sanaipei Tande and Victoria Kimani for turning him down.

The 2 in 1 hitmaker had requested the ladies to play part in his music but none of them was available. He said that Avril and Sanaipei politely told him that they would not be available but for Victoria, she ignored him.

The irony of it is that the song, 2 in 1, went on to be a very big hit despite their lack of interest in it.

“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t. It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me,” he said.

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Self Defence?

Avril has appeared in Otile Brown’s new song, Kenyan Girl

One of Avril’s fans questioned her on not appearing in Naiboi’s song despite having been requested. She had her response handy:

So from her own mouth, she didn’t feel like getting into the song, 2 in 1.


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