Atwoli calls for MPs salary increment

Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has called for salary increament for Members of Parliament.

Speaking during a press conference Atwoli said that law makers deserve a high pay due to Kenyans habits of requesting handout from politicians

.“If you elect me and you expect hand-outs from me, then I expect you to pay me well,” said Atwoli.

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The COTU boss challenged Kenyans to end their habit of borrowing money from politicians as it pushes them to corrupt deals.

“Unless Kenyans change their culture of converting honorable MPs into their private banks, then they are justified in their quest to demand more allowances.”

“We have turned our MPs into saccos; we have turned our MPs into banks; we have turned our MPs into school fees and everything.” added Atwoli.


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