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Appointed Ambassadors who have been rejected by some countries

A number of ambassadors, appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and approved by Parliament, have been unable to get to their offices over half a year since their appointment.

According to The People Daily, who were quoting sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they stated that the reason is because they have been rejected by the countries where they were posted.

Among those listed in this situation are Ndegwa Muhoro, the former DCI boss. He had been posted to the embassy at Malaysia.

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It is believed that Mr. Muhoro has been declined due to his tenure as DCI boss where several allegations were raised. It can be remembered that Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi had strongly opposed his appointment and stated to take all measures possible to stop him.

Hassan Wario (Austria) and Richard Ekai (Russia) are back home as they face corruption allegation. An already on-going case in court.

Johnson Kimani Ondieki (Turkey) and Paddy Ahenda (Qatar) are still awaiting the green light from their host countries.

Ideally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to write to the host country of the appointee then allow the country carry out their due diligence before getting an approval or decline.



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