bahati and mr. seed

Another twist in Bahati and Mr. Seed’s fallout saga

Apparently, with every fall out, there seems to be new twists and new angles to the reasons behind each fallout, and this one between Bahati and Mr. Seed is no different.

Today, a new twist to the reasons amounting to the fall out has unearthed. It is alleged that Bahati refused to pay Mr. Seed for his performance during the 31st December 2018 EMB Jesus Party.

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This comes from a post shared on Ringtone’s Instagram account but indicates that it has been written by Mr. Seed’s brother, Mutua, who also happens to be his manager.

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This comes days after Mr. Seed announced quitting Bahati’s led EMB Record and gave the reasons that he wants to allow chance for other young talents to be nurtured at EMB Records and also he wanted to nurture other young talents himself at his recording studio.

On 10th January 2019, Mr. Seed’s fiancee posted a picture of herself standing between Bahati and his wife (Diana Marwa) with the caption advising her fans to love their enemies. Maybe, she was already passing the message to all only that it was never digested at that time.