bahati and david wonder

Another artist leaves Bahati’s EMB label

Dust hasn’t settled yet since Mr. Seed left EMB record for what was later found to be due to differences between Bahati’s wife and his fiancee, now another artist is walking out on Bahati.

During an interview at Mseto East Africa with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva, David Wonder opened up on his departure from Bahati’s label as well.

David Wonder stated that he wants to establish his own brand. He further stated that Bahati had informed EMB members to choose whether they want to stay with him or leave.

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He said that he has no personal issues with Bahati and forever he shall be grateful to him for having given him a chance when he was a nobody.

David then deleted all his pictures from his instagram account in the spirit of starting a new brand and changed his account name from DavidWonderEMB to DavidWonderKE.

Surely there is something cooking up at EMB Record.



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