Anerlisa’s boyfriend is a broke guy – ex girlfriend states

Anerlisa, the heiress apparent to Keroche Breweries, and her boyfriend, Tanzanian singer Ben Pol have been enjoying a rosy affair in the recent past.

The ex to Ben Pol, Ebitoke, has claimed that Ben doesn’t love Anerlisa the way he claims to be. In an interview with EATV, Ebitoke stated that Ben Pol is broke and thus hangs around Anerlisa so as to enjoy the benefits of dating a rich business lady.

“I am not even hurt because I see Ben Pol as a Ben 10. I laugh at him because he is enjoying the good life, he is taken to Dubai on holiday because he does not have money. You know he is just around her to carry her purse,” she stated.

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The bongo musician has gone to the extend of composing a song, Sio Mbaya, just for Anerlisa.

Anerlisa took to her social media account posting a picture looking all loving with the song playing at the background and having the caption

“For sure I am NOT a snack….. I am a WHOLE MEAL 🙈… ION … I can’t get enough of this song #SioMbaya. Well done”



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