President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somali's President

All Kenyans in Somali given 72 hours to depart

Yesterday, Kenyan government expelled the ambassador of Somali while recalled the Kenyan ambassador from Mogadishu over the ongoing dispute of oil bloc between the two countries.

Today, the Federal Republic of Somali has responded by nullifying all visas given to Kenyan citizens retroactively thus declaring all citizens of Kenya as persona non grata in the Federal Republic of Somalia moving forward.

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In a press release, the Federal Republic of Somali stated that it has instructed its immigration and security apparatus to immediately enforce the set decree.

Also the members of the AMISOM have not been spared in this and have been ordered to follow suit by leaving the country.

Furthermore, the Federal Republic of Somali has reminded the government of Kenya to remember that hundreds, upon thousands of Somalis hold dual citizenship (Somali and Kenya’s) and thus they should be considered before any punitive action is taken.

However, on Twitter, Mr. Abdinur, the Director of Communications, Office of the President, Federal Republic of Somalia stated that the above shared information is fake news.



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