Ali Kiba walks out of a funeral upon Harmonize’s arrival

Bongo artiste Ali Kiba was on Saturday forced to leave a colleagues funeral prematurely upon the arrival of a fellow Bongo star, Harmonize.

This was the burial ceremony of Mafik Band member, Mbalamwezi, who had died on Thursday as his naked body was found in Dar es Salaam by the roadside the following day on Friday.

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As soon as the Konde Boy together with his bodyguards and Konde Gang arrive, Ali Kiba is seen signaling his team to leave the ceremony.

It isn’t clear why Ali Kiba had to leave even without shaking hands with Harmonize yet of late there have been rumors of a friendship building up between the two artistes.

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Word going round is that Ali Kiba was not impressed with how Harmonize came in as if attending a party or performance event (dressed in celebrity status with bodyguards surrounding him).

However, this is not the first time that the two have had a bitter taste of each other at a funeral ceremony.

A similar incidence occurred at socialite Masogange’s funeral where Harmonize who walked in with Diamond failed to greet Ali Kiba.



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