Akothee stands out to be counted on the ravaging hunger

Esther Akoth alias Akothee has stood out to be counted outside the music industry that she is popularly known for.

Beyond giving us music, the Give It To Me hitmaker rallied behind fundraiser to feed the starving Kenyans.


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Whatever Akothee has done can bring enormous shame to our politicians who are good at giving empty promises then walk away when most needed.


Hunger is tearing a part 11 counties in the nation with it having been hard felt in Turkana and Baringo counties. Unconfirmed reports have it that 21 people have succumbed to hunger and its related complications. Any upright person will tell you that 21 people isn’t just a number.

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Akothee came out of her comfort zone to save someones life. She doesn’t own anyone her act. She is not an elected leader and as such, its kudos to the madam boss.

Many criticized Akothee for her dress code and her antics on stage while performing. But think of it again, her dress code and antics led to no ones death. However, our politicians selfishness, corruptness, misappropriation, et al have led to deaths of many.

For this ‘simple’ act, Akothee has stood way above so many. Above the many Kenyan musicians who once championed on the ‘PlayKenyanMusic’ campaign.



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