Akothee speaks on her political career

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has come out to speak about rumors circulating around that she will be getting into the political arena.

The controversial artists through her social media page disputed the rumors saying she is not ready to quit her bikini life to join politics. She also confirmed that she does not have moral to contest for the parliamentary seat.

“I will not drop my lifestyle for the public, bikini kwenda mbele, please give that seat to those with morals and stable in marriage ,leave me alone politics is meant for people who can lie and get away with it,” she posted.

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The self declared president of single mothers said that the Women Representative seat is a very small position for her to contest. Sh said that if she was to run for an elective seat she will go for the presidency.

“My uncle just sent me this if you want to give me a seat in parliament, then let me run this country for you women rep is a very small seat for the president of single mothers,” she added.

The confession come days after Akothee hosted Nyanza politicians at the coast.



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