Actress Nyce Wanjeri speaks of her break-up

Nyce Wanjeri, the former Auntie Boss actress ‘Shiro’, has spoken up on her divorce.

In November 2018, her hubby took to Facebook to announce their separation.

“Why am I using Facebook? My marriage is over. So painful I swear. I saw it coming though. Success causes absenteeism, lack of bonding and lack of family time. Why did I imagine we last forever? We are both artists. It’s not normal. It doesn’t work,” he posted.

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Nyce had an interview at Radio Jambo with Massawe Japani. She stated she had to separate due to emotional abuse and disrespect from her hubby.

“It is true we broke up, just like he said. Every marriage has its teething problems. Every partner in a relationship has a side to him or her that causes friction in the union. I do not want to say [we broke up] as a result of me challenging his position as a man in the union. I won’t say much because you never know what happens in the lives of people who share a blanket together; so much goes on between them,” she said.

She said that the relationship was weighing her down and thus she could not go on with it.

“When we were seven years old in the relationship, money began flowing in; for him and I. It was at that point that I started noticing serious elements of disrespect in him. Of course, there were pockets of disrespect before, but after crossing the 7-year line, the degree of disrespect in him ballooned. I felt it was getting worse by the day, and I could feel it was weighing me down,” she said.

She said that they were not ready to seek their parents intervention as the hubby had not officially gone to their home to seek her hand in marriage.

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The actress said that the constant disrespect was too much for her to bear.

“I say when someone disrespects you today, tomorrow and the day thereafter, and he is not showing any signs of changing for the better, you would, of course, get tired of his or her disrespectful habits. And, you realise his disrespectful habits, when you mature mentally,”

The two have a daughter together.


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