9-year old genius to graduate university

A Belgian 9-year old is on course to get an undergraduate in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering field from Eindhoven University of Technology.

He is simply described by his lecturers as ‘extraordinary’ and the baby-genius is way on his way to complete this tough course by December.

He then plans to embark on PhD in the same field while also study an undergraduate in Medicine.

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His parents, Lydia and Alexander Simons, said they thought Laurent’s grandparents were exaggerating when they said he had a gift, but his teachers soon concurred.

They say that their son (Laurent Simons) was given test after test as the teachers tried to find out the extent of his talent. And eventually they told his parents that he is like a ‘sponge’.

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His parents have also stated that several prestigious universities are looking out for him to pursue his postgraduate studies from their institutions, however, he was not ready to name the universities in question.

After his undergraduate completion in December, the genius plans to take on a well deserved break with a vacation in Japan.



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