2022: Raila pens demand letter to media house

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has penned a demand letter to Nation Media Group, asking them to retract and apologize over an article they published that he was in the Presidential race come 2022.

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Through his lawyer, Raila Odinga demanded that the media house publishes a retraction of the same article and apologize on a front article and also their website.

In the eyes of the ordinary reasonable members of the society, the said article improperly imputes and suggests that our client is pretentious, opportunistic, mischievous, of questionable integrity, and disregards real social, economic and political issues affecting Kenyans, all of which are untrue,” read part of the letter.

It is a wait and see on the next move by Nation Media Group regarding this letter from ODM leader.


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