150,000 Condoms ready Tokyo Olympic Games

Olympic games are known for pulling large crowds to witness the iconic game but this year’s event is one of a kind.

Due to Covid19 restrictions, the number of fans in the stadia will be controlled, but the condom supply at the Olympic village has been maintained.

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The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games scheduled for 23 July 2021 have announced the availability of 150,000 condoms for participants.

The free condoms will be available in the Oly Villages to ensure athletes are safe when engaging in the country’s second-favorite sport.

Japan experiences the Winter season at the same period the event will be held forcing organizers to prepare adequately about participants who might want to satisfy their sexual needs.

The 150,000 condoms can be translated to about 14 condoms for each of the 11,000 male and female athletes who will stay in the village during the competition.

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However, the International Olympic Committee has encouraged athletes to keep 2 meters, or 6 feet, apart from other athletes during the games to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

This implies that they will be less interaction and socialization which is the starter pack of the adored game.



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