13 year girl commits suicide

Sharon Chepkurui, 13-years old took her own life after being punished by her mother.

According to reports, Sharon a class seven pupil did not return home on Friday night something that led to her punishment.

Simon Mitei father to the deceased said that her daughter spend Friday night away from home and she was disciplined upon her return.

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“I was about to leave the house to search for her when my wife returned with Chepkurui in tow. We were both angry. My wife punished her for spending the night out without informing us,” said Mitei.

Mr. Mutei said that when he returned home on Saturday she found Sharon had hanged herself.

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“I called her out several times, but no one was responding. At first, I thought she had gone out briefly. On entering the house, I found her body dangling from the roof of the house where she hanged herself with a rope,” said Mitei.

The deseased did not leave behind a note as why she killed herself.



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